Parsing (arranging) API data in R

I am reading an API data in R however this is my first time dealing with this kind of unarranged data. I need some feedbacks on how to parse the data from API.

For accessing the API i am using the following code:

url <- "api url"
take <- GET(url)
details <- content(take,"parsed")

The result i am getting in console shows me a long pattern just like following, though i am sharing few lines. Note that the headers (what i expect) after the $ sign are repeating for multiple entries.

[1] "ABC"

[1] "Not available"

[1] "blah blah"

[1] "blah blah"


Now i want them to bring into a data frame and arrange them in some manner (sequentially or alphabetically) and need some code for that.

Much Appreciated for help.

can you share the output of the following please


also when you do come to share it, please use triple backticks in the line before and after the shared code in order to format it as code (as I have done here)

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