Parameter to detect gitbook format

I am writing a document in (a variant of) Bookdown, and would like some text to appear only in the gitbook format, not in other formats. I would therefore like a parameter that is TRUE when knitting to gitbook and FALSE otherwise.

Currently I am using knitr::pandoc_to("html"), which almost does the job, except that it is TRUE when knitting to plain html as well as gitbook. The obvious alternative, knitr::pandoc_to("gitbook"), does nothing. Is there a parameter – or a way to define a parameter – that is TRUE only when knitting to gitbook, and not for other html-based formats?

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I don't think we have a function for that. I have opened a feature request to track the idea

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Thanks! Obviously not the answer I wanted, but it's really useful to have confirmation that there isn't a function for it.

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