Parallel / Multicore processing - Exporting connection(s) to clusters Would anyone happen to know the solution to this problem ?

When trying to export a connection I get error: Error in connection_info(dbObj@ptr) : external pointer is not valid

Here is my code:

cl <- makeCluster(detectCores(logical = FALSE))
clusterEvalQ(cl=cl, {require(tidyverse)
                    con <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), 
                     Driver = "Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala", 
                     Host = "server", Port = 1234)

              # ,envir = environment()
# clusterEvalQ(cl=cl,QueryList)
# clusterEvalQ(cl=cl,con)

QryResults <- parLapply(cl=cl,QueryList,dbGetQuery,conn=con)

stopCluster(cl=cl); print("Cluster stopped.")

I tried both clusterEvalQ and clusterExport as above and got the same result.

Would anyone happen to know the solution to this problem?

Parallel/ Multicore processing is a powerful way to speed up the processing capabilities of running your analysis . Specially when there are aspects of your analysis that can be executed in tandem but run independently of each other to later then be brought together. A clear example of this is a 36 union all #SQL #HQL query taking 10min instead of 30min ( ~ Time / # of Cores). On a Mac it is simple because of it’s capabilities to fork ( split instances of your loaded packages and connections). On a Windows machine it is far more challenging

Any thoughts on what would be the next step?

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