'pandoc document conversion failed with Error 97' when knitting rmarkdown

Everytime I try knit a markdown file this error comes up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling R and Rstudio, creating new projects in new directories and trying to download 'rtools' package but nothing has worked. If anyone has any suggestions I would be super appreciative.

I'm working off a Windows 11 dell inspiron laptop and have the most recent updates..

I believe this error comes from the fact that you are working from a Onedrive synced folder.

Can you try running rmarkdown::render() in R console to see if this comes from RStudio IDE ?

Basically, the error here means that the template file that is supposed to be used by rmarkdown is not found whereas it is supposed to be in package installation folder (your R library).

Using a synced folder is known to create some issue but not always. There is also a # in your folder path but I don't think this is what is causing the issue.

Can you try the above in R console or outside RStudio ?
Can you try deactivate the syncing of One Drive ? (it can create conflicts during file access maybe)

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