pandoc document conversion failed with error 11

I'm looking for a solution for the error I get when knitting some RMD documents.
The error only happens sometimes and occasionally just re-running the RMD document fixes it.
I am aware that this error had been posted before, but it was closed so I am posting it again.
This is the old post:

The proposed solution then was wait for a new pandoc version that should fix it, but it seems to persist.
Anyone else having trouble with this?

Pandoc version: 2.6
R version 3.6.0
RStudio Version: 1.2.1335

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Hi Lionel, welcome!

Try installing the preview release of RStudio (1.2.1522), it comes with a custom version of Pandoc that fixes this problem (If you have manually installed Pandoc you would need to uninstall it first).


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