PAM and rstudio-connect group

Dear all,
Using PAM + Kerberos is a nice way to be able to run dashboards with SQL-access with pass-through authentication. But this requires that all employees that login to Connect automatically becomes a member of the rstudio-connect group - can this be solved in the PAM-file?

Thanks in advance,
Johannes W

Hi Johannes,

I am not sure what you mean by "solved"? You are correct:

All Unix accounts used to execute R must be members of the Unix group that is the primary group of the Applications.RunAs user. Applications are not permitted to launch if the Unix account associated with the logged-in user does not have the proper group membership.

You can change the primary group or the default RunAs user from rstudio-connect to something else, but you must have all users who will execute code be a member of the same group. This requirement allows Connect to manage file and folder permissions appropriately.

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