Pairwise means comparison using dunn.test

I run a kruskal.test and found that there were significant differences among my treatment means, I then proceeded to pairwise means comparison using dunn.test with the following script "Res_TDr1100873 = dunnTest(Drymatter~DAH,data=Dry_MatterTDr1100873,
method="bonferroni")" after librarying (dunn.test )

This error message pumped up; Error in dunnTest(Drymatter ~ DAH, data = Dry_MatterTDr1100873, method = "bonferroni") : could not find function "dunnTest" Please I need assistance

The function in the dunn.test package is called dunn.test. Looking at its documentation, it does not take a data argument. Try

Res_TDr1100873 = dunn.test(x = Dry_MatterTDr1100873$Drymatter, 
                   g = Dry_MatterTDr1100873$DAH, method="bonferroni")

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