Pairwise comparisons of a zero-inflated model

I've made a zero-inflated models using glmmadmb: Model3z <- glmmadmb(Count3 ~ Light3 + (1|Site3), zeroInflation = T, family= "poisson", data = dframe3)

I want to do some pairwise comparisons of the different light types using lsmeans: pwcs3 <- lsmeans(Model3z, "Light") but glmmadmb is no longer supported in lsmeans so I get an error message.

I re-made the model using glmmTMB: Model3z <- glmmTMB(Count3 ~ Light3 + (1|Site3), ziformula = ~ 1, family= "poisson", data = dframe3) but now when I try and do the pairwise comparisons I get the error message: 'No variable named Light in the reference grid'.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have an alternative package?

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