paged_table does not display with Shiny Server

I am unable to get paged_table to work on Shiny Server. It works locally with RStudio. Here is a minimal example:

title: "paged_table MRE"
output: html_document


Both locally and when served by Shiny Server, under the main-container div there is a div with attribute data-pagedtable. That div contains a data-pagedtable-source script that has the JSON data for the table. Locally (where it works) the data-pagedtable attribute is true and there is another sibling div to the data-paged-table-source script. The sibling div has class pagedtable and pagedtable-not-empty and it contains the table.

However, when served by Shiny Server the data-pagedtable attribute is false and there is no sibling div. The log file in /var/log/shiny-server does not show any errors.

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