Page Stuck on "Opening Project" page indefinitely.


My Project is stuck on the Opening Page. It has been for a few hours. Help!


I'm having the exact same problem! I thought it was because I had some code that was hanging, but now I wonder if it's not just me. Is there a way to get the process stopped?

Mine is:

I'm having the same problem. System status seems ok.

My project opened this morning. I quickly downloaded it, in case this happens again. It was an important lesson about having backups outside

If someone out there helped me by stopping the process, thank you.

Hi all,

First, sorry for the trouble you experienced here!

@Anne_McLaughlin I'm glad to hear your project is working. @Snehal_Patel from the other topic thread, it sounds like yours is too.

@Ryan_Brudner it looks like your project has been moved to the trash. Do you still need help with it?



I ended up making a copy. After a while, it was able to open.



Thanks Mel. Yes, it is working now.

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