Packages installation errors with users directory in hebrew letter

My windows user name and home directory is in hebrew letters. I somehow only gave warning messages until now when I tried to update my R version and install installr package for it and it retruns the following error:Error in .read_description(dfile) :
file 'C:/Users/éåøé/AppData/Local/Temp/Rtmp4CSgfJ/R.INSTALL5f066541d76/installr/DESCRIPTION' does not exist

Is there anyway around it?


You can change the default library folder by setting your R_LIBS_SITE environmental variable on a .Reviron or .Rprofile file, for example:

# In a .Renviron file you can set it by adding this line
R_LIBS_SITE="C:\\Program Files\\R\\R-4.0.5\\library"

For a more detailed explanation, you can read this blog post

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