Packages in RStudio Package Manager are out of date

I am trying to create a subset of CRAN using Package Manager. When I do so - the packages are out of date. For example - knitr wont allow me to work in RStudio Pro because Knitr 1.18 is required, but even though I have the "latest" packages in pacman, the version is 1.17...

What is going on here? Why is RStudios meta data out of date?

Worth noting that when I check for updates it says I am up to date...

Can you please clarify what you mean by PacMan? This could refer to the RStudio Package Manager, the new Window build system, or something else?

If indeed you are asking about RStudio Package Manager, can you please clarify whether you are looking at a public instance, or an instance of RStudio Package Manager that you are hosting on your company servers?

Sorry for the trouble here - could you please open a support ticket so we can help you further while having a private venue to share information like your config and diagnostic files?

It sounds like you've followed the right steps, though if your server is completely air-gapped your admin may need to re-download the RSPM metadata before a sync and update can occur.

Thanks for the support. Somehow I ran the command to build R from source originally. When trying again from pre-compiled binaries I got the latest and greatest libraries. Leaving comment here for community in case anyone else encounters such issues. Always use pre-comp binaries.

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