Packages in cloned workspaces

It looks like RStudio Cloud no longer copies packages from the workspace being cloned. This is causing my students some grief as we build packages once and have the students clone the workspace, rather than have everyone build the packages themselves.


This is unexpected. Installed R packages should still be copied to cloned projects. Can you share with me the URLs for the original and copied projects that are having this issue so I can take a look?



I took a look at these projects and they appear like the R packages should of been copied over correctly. By chance are they using different R versions?

That's the issue! Thanks.
Is it possible to lock the version for a workspace? Or have the copied workspace use the original workspace's R version by default?
It's a bit surprising that a different R version would be used than the copied workspace, especially when that results in packages not being immediately available for students when a newer R version is available than what was used to create original workspace.

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