failures: is it busy or does it volontarily limit downloads?

This week when building my Docker containers based on, I get multiple download failures.
If I launch again the the build, without changing anything, this may work or not, depending on the number of dependencies. But at some point, this works.

I assume either is too busy, or there is a new policy or download limitations ?

Is anyone else encountering this ?

Warning message:
packages ‘xxx’, yyy’ are not available for this version of R
Versions of these packages for your version of R might be available elsewhere,
see the ideas at ...

Hi there, we did identify an issue today on public package manager that was occurring occasionally in the last few days. We have fixed this. Let me know if you continue to have issues.

That seems to be good now.
Thank you.

The bug does not seem to be fully corrected for fixed version installs.
If I use remotes::install_version("Rttf2pt1", version = "1.3.8") for instance, this fails once every two times.

We haven't heard of more issues here, and our graphs aren't showing problems. Could you let me know an exact time you see this problem again? Thanks.

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