Package that does not appear in RStudio

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Excuse me for my English, I'm French :kissing_smiling_eyes:
I can not install the package called SplitR in RStudio. I followed the installation procedure but I can not do it.

For information, I use the latest version of RStudio (1.1.383) with R (version 3.4.3)

However I can see the package in the list of packages in "C:\Program Files\R\R-3.4.3\library" but I do not see it in the packages pane in RStudio.

In the RStudio options, the box "Use devtools package functions if available" is checked.

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What happens when you write library(SplitR) in the console? Did you install devtools package? It can be installed directly using install.packages("devtools"). After that you can follow the instruction from the github link you've provided.
You are not supposed to see this package in the pane, by the way.

Yes I installed the devtools package using the command install.packages("devtools") and after I used the command devtools::install_github("rich-iannone/SplitR") in R but after several minutes the following message is displayed "Installation failed: Timeout was reached: Connection timed out after 10016 milliseconds".


That's quite common with firewalls in my experience.

Download the zip file from github, then install locally:

install.packages(path_to_file, repos = NULL, type="source")

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Thank you so much martin.R !!

The problem came from my company's proxy. Through the wifi the command devtools::install_github("rich-iannone/SplitR") worked.

To answer to mishabalyasin the package is now visible in the pane in RStudio.