"Package required but not available" error on CRAN

I have a package on CRAN. It has some Bioconductor dependencies. Sometimes, I see an error "Package required but not available" for one of them for some flavors on CRAN package check results page. Why does this happen? If it's a problem connecting to Bioconductor, shouldn't it happen for all Bioconductor dependencies and not just one?

I don't know the answer, but I would not worry about it too much, until CRAN tells you that there is a problem.

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It has been happening for a while, so I agree it probably is okay. However, I am curious why this happens, especially since I never see it happen locally or using GitHub Actions.

Either some CRAN maintainers do not want to install Bioc packages on some platforms, or they do not happen to work on those platforms.

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