Package order of tab completion with library()

This is just a minor annoyance, but I thought I would ask. When I use library() to load packages, I use the tab completion so that I don't have to type out the whole name of the package in several cases. One package combination that is always a pain for me is the sf and sfheaders packages. I type
and the menu that comes up for tab completion always has sfheaders before sf. So, if I hit Tab too quickly, the rest of what's typed is "library(sfheaders)" when really I want "library(sf)". Otherwise, I have to hit an arrow key or something to back off of sfheaders to get the right completion. Alphabetically speaking, shouldn't sf come up before sfheaders? Is there some way to make the menu for tab completion follow that method?

This is just a guess but I think that "sf" does not have enough characters to be reliably recognized.

I see. Guess I just have to grin and bear it then. Thanks, jkrideau.

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