Package Manager binaries for Debian

I use R in production quite a bit, and pointing our R docker images to the new public RStudio Package Manager repo is incredible, it's saved a huge amount of package install time with the binaries instead of spending 30+ minutes building source packages every time we build a docker image. This has only worked with our Ubuntu-based images, however, and unfortunately, a bunch of our images in production are built on Debian (as it's the base for Rocker and the official Python docker image). Does anyone know if Debian is going to be supported by the Package Manager in the near future?


Hey @dlependorf!! Thanks so much for reaching out here! We have noted your request internally for tracking. We would definitely love to publish debian binaries! It is on our roadmap but doesn't have an ETA unfortunately.

We are also very glad to hear that the Public Package Manager repository has been helpful!! Please do keep us posted if / when you have any other feedback / ideas / questions about Package Manager! :smile:

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Is there any news about Debian being supported by the public Package Manager ?
I was hoping to use it too in production.

Unfortunately, we have not made any progress on Debian binaries yet :frowning:

I appreciate your reaching out here, though, so that I can add your vote to the feature! Demand helps drive our efforts! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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what is the status about Debian being supported by the public Package Manager?

Thanks for your interest, Johannes! Due to the ongoing time and effort required to maintain comprehensive package binaries, we have to limit the number of distributions we support to those with the highest demand. Regrettably, the demand for Debian binaries hasn't yet made the cut, though hearing requests from users like yourself does help us better prioritize it!

We continually evaluate which distributions would be most valuable to our users though, and hope to have the resources to support more in the future.

Hi. Are there any updates on the binaries for Debian or any place where we can track the request's status?
We are also very interested in them because the official python images are debian-based and we use both R and python.

Hi @Semiramis_C ! Thanks for reaching out with your interest in Debian binaries! Unfortunately, we still don't have an updated timeline yet, but we're keenly interested in supporting users like you who are working in both Python and R. I'll see what we can do to get this higher on the roadmap.

I know many of you have been asking for a while, but we're pleased to announce we now have binaries available for CRAN packages built on Debian 11 and 12. These are now available from Posit Public Package Manager as well as those of you who have your own internal Posit Package Manager instance. Full release announcements coming soon!

As always, we appreciate your patience, and if you find any issues with the Debian binaries, don't hesitate to drop us a line here and we'll investigate.