Package is not available in the CRAN win-builder

Hi all,

I submitted to CRAN a dataset package (UKgrid) which was checked and approved yesterday (available here). I am now trying to submit another package (TSstudio) which is using the dataset from the first package as an example in the second package vignette. However, it seems that the win-builder could not find the package as I am getting the following note (full log available here):

* checking package dependencies ... NOTE
Package suggested but not available for checking: 'UKgrid'

and warning:

Error: processing vignette 'Seasonal_and_Correlation_Analysis.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:
there is no package called 'UKgrid'
Execution haltedtype or paste code here

Does this issue related to some sync time between CRAN and win-build? hence, is there a gap between the time the package is approved and available on CRAN and the time it is available on the win-builder?

Thank you in advance,

No, the gap is between the package being approved and being built for the Windows platform. It generally takes a few days or up to a week for it to be available on Windows. You'll notice that on your results page there is no Windows platform with the package installed: CRAN Package Check Results for Package UKgrid

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