Package Installation failure....

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Of course this type of question doesn't need one.

I just tried and got the same result with this message

** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
Error in structure(.External(.C_dotTcl, ...), class = "tclObj") : 
  [tcl] can't find package BWidget.

The question that this poses is which package for what program is being referred to. Andrew Cassidy may have an answer from) back in 2014.

It involves downloading and installing the BWidget program, and then the install with either work or come back with the next obstacle!

Related info:

On macOS, packages sometimes fail to install, often with a non-zero exit status message. This is due to Apple's idiosyncratic compiler. The same packages will install on most Linux systems without trouble. Saint Simon Urbanek of the R Core Development Team takes on the brain damage required to recode the source to get around macOS's peculiar worldview for those in CRAN, but he can't bestow the same mercy on those still in development.

Some packages will successfully install through compilation from source, but many won't.

When installing if you are offered the option to install from source, it makes sense to try it once. But, if at first it doesn't succeed, in all likelihood it never will. It's usually only 7-10 days until a macOS binary is available

Try again