Package for reading & importing anki data

Hi everyone,

I recently started using a spaced repetition system called Anki to learn Italian. One motivating aspect of using Anki is that it allows me to track my vocabulary count, so I know how close I am to reaching my short-term goal of learning my first 1,000 words and attaining an 85% oral comprehension level. The Anki software comes with some basic reporting, but I of course would like to use R to do a bit more analysis on my language learning and perhaps built a shiny application which predicts by when I will become fluent. @Tazinho pointed out the r2anki package which allows you to build Anki flashcards for learning R. This sounds like a really neat way of learning R, the science behind spaced repetition systems seems quick effective and I like the idea of using it for learning programing. Does anyone know of a package which can read anki data, such as files with the extension .apkg, so that further analysis can be performed on that data such as creating a document term matrix or word cloud?