package for geocoding without Google

Hi! I am brand new to R but need to do some geocoding and wanted to ask for recommendations of packages to use, maybe with sample code.

We have 1 data set that contains latitude and longitude data and are hoping to use the Census' census block polygon data as a second data set to tell us how many points of the lat and long data fall into each census block.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to get started on this or can point me to any resources.

I recommend this book as an excellent resource:
Geocomputation with R (

It covers basic packages you can use, and has plenty of sample code. It says it's for beginners, but I wasn't totally new to R when I read it, so can't comment on how suitable it is.

If you do find you need more general R guidance, it's hard to look past R for Data Science, and if you're really new to programming you may find it helpful to dip into Hands-On Programming with R as well.

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Assuming that you deal in US census data: you may find the {tidycensus} by Kyle Walker helpful.

Have a look at Load US Census Boundary and Attribute Data as tidyverse and sf-Ready Data Frames • tidycensus - it has some nice illustrations of typical workflow


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