Package does not appear in Global Environment, new objects do not appear in values, and only typing in the console works

Hi everyone,

I'm new to RStudio and still getting the hang of it but I have some things that aren't working and I was hoping someone could explain it in very simple terms.

Firstly, the functions only work if I type them into the console and not into the command line (if that's what it's called). If I don't type it in the console then nothing happens.

Second, when I install packages they don't appear in my Global Environment but they do appear in a dropdown menu where I can access them.

Third, when I assign a value to an object it does not appear under the Values tab (so assigning the mean to x does not appear in the values tab) but I can still access this value by typing it into the console.

I've gotten no error codes for any of these issues. Please help! Thank you

The default layout has four panes, from upper left to lower left, clockwise. Upper left is Source and lower left has tabs for Console and Terminal plus others you'll learn about later on.

The idea is to write code in the Source pane and then Run it in whole or in pieces by highlighting and CMD/CTRL ENTER (which depends on OS).

Installed packages are not available until brought into namespace on request


Wow thank you so much! This was really helpful. I tried it on the package I was using and it appeared :slight_smile:

I also figured out how to add my values! Seriously saved the day thank you. Can't believe it was such a simple fix. I hope you have a great rest of your day

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