package development use and build workflow

I have partially built a package in R.
I have 2 instances of Rstudio running. I have the package open in one instance and a project i am working on in another. As i am working on my project i find that i need to add additional functionality to the package. So i go to the package, add the functionality, build it, then return the project i am working on. This additional functionality is not available to me in my project. I find i have to restart R each time (Ctrl + shift + F10) but i lose everything in my environment. Of course i could save the environment before closing, but i still have to close Rstudio. I am finding this frustrating and time consuming

I am sure i am approaching this all wrong so what is the best way to be deal with this? thanks

Three options:

  1. Save your environment, restart the R session, and reload the environment.

    # Ctrl + Shift + F10

    Make sure to reload any packages.

  2. Only remove the changed package:

     # replace "mypackage" with your package's name
    detach("package:mypackage", unload = TRUE)
  3. What I do: accept it as a pain. If you keep your work in scripts, you can just rerun those. Or if you're the "free explorer" type, then you can re-run the commands from the history pane. Hopefully it won't take too long. I like to use this kind of time as an excuse to browse these forums.

Cool thanks @nwerth. So i wasn't using library to load in the package rather referencing by namespace. So if i use


then reference the changed package i see the change. This works.

thanks a lot! appreciate the response

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Glad to hear you got it working!

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