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I'm running Server, Connect and Package Manager, all on RedHat Linux. A significant time when starting new projects / restoring packrat / installing new packages is spent waiting for packages to build from source. Perhaps this a good thing, forcing us to slow down a little, grab a coffee, and watch some webinars from RStudio::Conf :wink:

When teaching through RStudio Cloud, though, I get envious of the quick prebuilt binary installs. Could RSPM support this? What would be a good workflow to have prebuilt packages for a certain distro internally?

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If you were running Ubuntu you could use prebuilt binaries maintained by @marutter, as described in this post.

When running RedHat you seem to be out of luck. The best I can suggest is setting up a site library (some notes on setting up here), and delegating the chore of compiling from source to a single team member.

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately, as many other businesses, were on RHEL. Having a shared binary install lib could be a solution, but would require this to be accessible by all servers through the chain, which is kind of the role RSPM is having right now. So this could perhaps be an additional feature for RSPM.
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@Jwaage we are working on adding Linux binaries in RSPM at this very moment! I don't have a time frame for when this feature will be ready for release, but we'll be sure to let you know.


Great news, and a natural fit for RSPM.

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