package babel error after tinytex update

Hello Posit Community,

I encountered discrepancies in PDF renderings between my setup and my colleague's. He was on TinyTeX version 2024.2, while I was not updated. Consequently, I upgraded TinyTeX using "quarto install tool tinytex." However, immediately after updating and attempting to render the same document, I encountered an error:

updating existing packages
finding package for ngerman.ldf
compilation failed- no matching packages
Package babel Error: Unknown option 'ngerman'. Either you misspelled it
(babel) or the language definition file ngerman.ldf
(babel) was not found.
(babel) There is a locale ini file for this language.
(babel) If it’s the main language, try adding `provide=*'
(babel) to the babel package options.

I also restarted rstudio, but with no luck..

doing a "quarto check", I get:
[✓] Checking tools....................OK
TinyTeX: v2024.02
Chromium: 869685

[✓] Checking LaTeX....................OK
Using: TinyTex
Path: /Users/dh/Library/TinyTeX/bin/universal-darwin
Version: 2023

For me it looks like rstudio ist still using TinyTex 2023.

System (me and the colleague's) :

  • arm-based macbook
  • rstudio Version 2023.12.1+402 (2023.12.1+402)
  • R Version: 4.3.2

according to suggestions i tried to install language packages again:

(base) sudo tlmgr install texlive-lang-german
tlmgr: package repository (not verified: gpg unavailable)
tlmgr install: package texlive-lang-german not present in repository.
tlmgr: action install returned an error; continuing.
tlmgr: An error has occurred. See above messages. Exiting.
(base) d-mbp:texlive dh$ sudo tlmgr install babel-german
tlmgr: package repository (not verified: gpg unavailable)
tlmgr install: package already present: babel-german

Did not work.

i ran tlmgr list --only-installed | grep german to display all german language packages:

i apalike-german: A copy of apalike.bst with German localization
i babel-german: Babel support for documents written in German
i biblatex-german-legal: Comprehensive citation style for German legal texts
i bibleref-german: German adaptation of bibleref
i collection-langgerman: German
i datetime2-german: German language module for the datetime2 package
i german: Support for German typography
i glossaries-german: German language module for glossaries package
i hyphen-german: German hyphenation patterns.
i lshort-german: German version of A Short Introduction to LaTeX2e: LaTeX2e-Kurzbeschreibung
i mfnfss: Packages to typeset oldgerman and pandora fonts in LaTeX

apparently german and babel-german are installed, but non of them work when i set them in the yaml-file. but english does work fine. ngerman is missing on the list, despite the fact it rendered correctly before the update of tinytex with the exact same package.

I guess rstudio was confused about where to look for the language packages due to a conflicting install of TexLive. I uninstalled the redundant TexLive and reinstalled TinyTex. It works fine now.

I did exactly the opposite with this problem: deleted TinyTex and kept my full TexLive installation as I needed a lot more Tex packages for existing LaTeX programs. It looks like either solution works.

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