package ametsoc not present in repository.

I understand this is not a problem of Rstudio or Tinytex. ametsoc is no longer present in CTAN

it used to be present a few days ago but it is now moved to obsolete

Executing tinytex:::install_yihui_pkgs() produces error stated in the title of this post.

Copying ametsoc folder downloaded from the obsolete url to texmf-dist/tex/latex/ does not work.

Can anyone share an alternative way to install ametsoc please?


I think you would need to install the package manually. There is some resources available online for this, as for example this one:

This is definitely less easy than using installer tlmgr install.

By the way, we'll remove ametsoc from the list probably (ametsoc is now obsolete on CTAN by cderv · Pull Request #364 · rstudio/tinytex · GitHub), thanks for the report!

Thanks, will try the manual way to install.

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