Overview of supported selectize.js plugins

I'm wondering if there is an overview regarding supported selectize.js plugins for shiny's selectizeInput.

This article isn't mentioning plugins at all:

The following example shows, that the remove_button plugin works fine, however the dropdown_direction plugin isn't available. Browser console output:

Uncaught Error: Unable to find "dropdown_direction" plugin


ui <- fluidPage(
  selectizeInput("max5", "max5", choices = 1:10, multiple = TRUE, options = list(maxOptions = 5)),
  selectizeInput("remove", "remove", choices = 1:10, multiple = TRUE, options = list(maxOptions = 5, 'plugins' = list('remove_button'))),
  selectizeInput("upward", "upward", choices = 1:10, multiple = TRUE, options = list(maxOptions = 5, dropdownDirection = 'up', 'plugins' = list('dropdown_direction'))),

server <- function(input, output, session) {}

shinyApp(ui, server)

PS: I know that there are workarounds regarding the dropdown_direction case.

For those interested: The available plugins can be found here.


  • drag_drop.scss
  • dropdown_header.scss
  • optgroup_columns.scss
  • remove_button.scss

are shipped with shiny.

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