Over writing shiny app

Please I want to be sure of one thing. After publishing a shiny app on shinyapps.io, if an upgrade is made to the app, and you overwrite the existing app on the same shinyapps.io account, will that be counted as you having published two applications or still just one? For instance, the free shinyapps.io account allows you to have only 5 accounts and publish only 25 applications. Does an overwrite of an existing application reduce the number of applications you can publish to say 24?

I dont think so. I believe a published app has a name. you can republish /reuse a name.
You can hit the publish button 26 times in a row on the same app and be fine.
I believe you can archive and delete old apps as well, through the management console and probably through rsconnect package.

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Thanks a lot Nirgrahamuk. I thought so too, but needed to be sure