output of kripp.alpha (irr package)


When using kripp.alpha() function from the 'irr' package to determine interrater agreement, The output looks odd to me.

I have two raters how both rated the number of events for 58 subjects. I used cbind() to create an object containing both rater's ratings and want to compare them with kripp.alpha. However, the output says: Subject = 2 and Raters = 58. It should be the other way around, with Subject = 58 and Raters = 2.
Using function kappa2() on the same object gives me the correct output, so I don't think the object itself is the problem (58 rows and 2 columns/vars). I wonder if it is just an output problem or the underlying calculation is malfunctioning.

Thank you for your help!


kripp.alpha(rating1, method="nominal")
Krippendorff's alpha

Subjects = 2
Raters = 58
alpha = -0.00172

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