Out-of-sample accuracy via modeltime.resample package


In the context of model selection, I am performing cross-validation using the function modeltime_fit_resamples() available in the package modeltime.resample using the following code:

resamples_tscv <- time_series_cv(
    data        = df_train,
    date_var    = date, 
    assess      = "2 months",
    initial     = "6 years",
    skip        = "1 month",
    cumulative  = TRUE 

resamples_fitted <- models_tbl %>%
        resamples = resamples_tscv,
        control   = control_resamples(verbose = TRUE)

resamples_fitted %>%
    modeltime_resample_accuracy() %>%

After fitting the best model on the whole training set, I would like to assess its accuracy for the 2-months ahead predictions on an independent test set. Basically, I am looking for a function similar to modeltime_fit_resamples() where the model is kept constant and not fitted on each resample. Does it exist?

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