Organize files when having several workplaces

Hello, I wanted to ask a question about how to organize the work if you have several work places.
How do you organize the files so that everything is synchronized and all the files are in several computers? Do you use dropbox and when you finish working with the files on a pc you upload them to the cloud and that's it? Because with the scripts it is easy thanks to Github, but not with the data files.
Do you use Dropbox? If so, the working directory of the project is configured in the Dropbox folder where the files are?

Hi, you could use the projects workflow then sync to GitHub:

8 Workflow: projects | R for Data Science (

As long as you're logged in on both computers, it should all synchronise. Might be an issue with very large files and maybe work security depending depending on the files.

Take a look at pins.

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