Organise repaeatet tasks horizontal stacked lines

Hi, i need some help

First, i have to basic problems, first i am completely new to R and R studio and second i am also not good at statistics.

I am trying to create a visual representation of tasks (or jobs) in my local ambulance service. these i am trying to get stacked in a horizontal line, similar to what you find in a gantt chart, but i want them stacked from bottom up. This will inn my wive gives a better visualization of used capacity and rest capacity in any given time. under i have drawn somehow how i want it to lock like (i am open to other suggestions) illustration 1

besides this i also want to be able to add a base layer to the chart whit the available resources on any given time. like in illustration 2

these data i want to be able to show both daily, wekly and clustered (statistically over any given time)

the data i hawe is organised like in illustration 3

Ti_ressurs_navn: name of any given resources given a task
he_hastegrad: priority (not essential to visualize)
op_rykker_ut: time of start job
op_ledig: time of end job (vacant from job)

is there someone who can help me whit this problem, at least point me in a direction. i have been searching the internet for many many hours to learn myself this or find some resources that can help me.


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