Ordinal Logistic Regression: Control variables


I have run an ordinal logistic regression in R (see script below) and it runs fine. Now I have decided I want to control for a few demographics such as age, gender. However, I am not sure how to add these variables into the script in a way which will cause the regression to control for them. Anyone know how to do this?

glmIdentity <- polr(as.factor(SupportCI) ~ IT + CIdentity + 
    DIdentity + Q86_3 + Q87_3, data = df, Hess = TRUE)

or are you asking something more complicated?

Oh, that's easier than I thought then, I assumed I had to tell R they were control variables rather than independent variables.

Although I am not sure what to do now one of the control variables has come back as significant :sweat_smile:

Nothing wrong with that result. It's just saying that one of the control variables really does exert some control!

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