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Is there some change in the sorting order of the threads? After login, I'm seeing something like this, which is unusual:

Some of the threads are in order, but some later ones are strangely appearing in between older threads. If this change is intended (I am not sure about the basis of ordering), is there any way I can change it? Clicking Activity doesn't solve the problem for me.


I found the solution. Switching the orange button (3rd from the left) to Latest Activity gets me back to usual interface.


It keeps getting reset every time I come back to this screen, so personally I will very much welcome an option to make that default, but so far I failed to find an option.


Thanks for posting this, I was about to add a note about this functionality.

Sorry for the confusion. I made a design error in changing the default behavior. I'll change this back soon.

  • Latest Activity sorts by most recent post (where post-edits also includes some system actions, like manually closing topics and editing titles, tags, categories, and text), and was default sort before.
  • Latest Topic sorts by topic creation date.

I'm changing the default behavior back to the one you are probably familiar, with "Latest Activity" the default.

Thoughts for the future:

  • In a while, I'll add controls to https://forum.posit.co/u/{USERNAME}/preferences/interface >> Default Home Page as well.
  • This menu might expand to something like "Sort by Topic - Only show unsolved & un-replied"
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