Ordering of RStudio Addins

It was delightful to have add-ins grouped by packages in RStudio 1.1 but add-ins are now sorted by binding name instead of a human-readable name within a package. This is rather inconvenient for packages that come with lots of add-ins particular if add-in functions follow a wizard follow.

For example, suppose a package that is similar to blogdown has three add-ins: create a new post, preview a post, publish the website to a remote server, and etc. It would be more user-friendly to order them that way.

Previously I can either name the add-ins to be:

    1. New Post
    1. Preview
    1. Publish

Or if I want to avoid numbers, I can use zero-width white space as a workaround. Now with binding name, it is a lot harder to manipulate the ordering.

Better yet would be to list the add-in exactly in the order they are written in add-ins.dcf but I understand you currently collect add-ins in a map data structure and preserving order might require adding another field to the add-in specification. (or let the user set something akin to a z-index in the specification?)


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I agree that we should be sorting addins either by order as defined within the .dcf file or alphabetically based on the human-readable name. (I think I would prefer using the order in the .dcf file, just so package authors have control over what order their addins are displayed in.)

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