Ordered / Unordered lists not rendering .Rmd => Word

I'm trying to get an ordered list to work with R Studio's R Markdown (knit to Word). I can't an unordered list to work either. Here is a screen capture of my MVP code + output. Any and all ideas welcome:


Is this limited to Word format only? That is, what happens if you knit to, say, html instead?

This is just a guess, since I’m not on a computer where I can check but... you seem to be viewing the Word document using the Preview app, not Word itself. How does it look in Word? My recollection is that Preview doesn’t always render every aspect of a .docx file perfectly, and maybe pandoc’s output is running afoul of this?


Knitting to HTML works. As I discovered the issue isn't with RStudio / Markdown / or Pandoc, it is with Apple's Preview displaying the .docx output.

That is exactly the problem! Thanks! The non-proprietary open software (R, RMarkdown, etc) worked fine; the proprietary software (Apple's Preview) failed. So much time wasted on a dumb problem. Oh well. It's working now. Thanks again…

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