order of facets in `GGally::ggcoef_compare()`

I am trying to figure out how the order of facets work in ggcoef_compare() and how to control them.

The default behavior looks like it follows an alphabetical order...

m1 <- lm(Fertility ~ Education + Catholic, data = swiss)
m2 <- lm(Fertility ~ Education + Catholic + Agriculture, data = swiss)
m3 <- lm(Fertility ~ Education + Catholic + Agriculture + Infant.Mortality, data = swiss)
ggcoef_compare(models = list(m1, m2, m3))

...which leads to a confusing order when presenting results, i.e. not following the order of the model building exercise. I have not seen anything on how to control the facet order when scanning through the help file, vignette and Github


Looks like the next version of GGally will change the default order to follow the model building process... order of facets in ggcoef_compare() · Issue #426 · ggobi/ggally · GitHub

Thanks. I am familiar with factors and levels - just not sure how/where I can use them in the ggcoef_compare() function where the principle input is a list of model objects?

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