Option to not display individual code chunks with code_folding enabled

I am trying to determine if there is an existing option to have code_folding enabled within a distill_article and not display individual code chunks for embedded code that displays output.

title: "Example code"

code_folding: TRUE

``{r, code_folding = 'I do not want to show this'} 

Using include = FALSE removes the output - so I don't get the image.

``{r, include = FALSE} 

Is there a way to display output and not show code chunks for individual embedded chunks?

On a chunk level you can set echo = FALSE to completly remove source code chunk to be shown in output.

I that what you are looking for ?

Thank you for the response.

When I use the following code chunk it still shows the "Show code" hidden code chunk. Your solution works in a regular R markdown html document, but not within a distill_article.

``{r, echo = FALSE} 

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