OPLS-DA variable importance plot

Hi all,

I am performing OPLS-DA analysis using the ropls package.

I would like to make a plot on the OPLS-DA variable importance, so VIP or loading factor (like this: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/OPLS-DA-scores-plot-and-variable-importance-plot-VIP-plot-for-discriminate-analysis-of_fig1_342444215).

I am working on metabolomics data, and can see that the research in this fields most often use a software program for it. However, I do not have that software, thus I would like to be able to make such plot or table.

Do any have any experience with performing OPLS-DA in R that could provide some tips for this?

Thank you very much for any tip you might have!

See the ‘{vips}’ package.

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