Opening R for the first time

When I opened R for the first time, the source didn't open.

Hi RComm, welcome!

First, are you talking about R or RStudio? And what do you mean exactly with "the source"?

If you mean RStudio, and no "Source panel" with the current script, this is normal: you first need to open a script (for example, create a new one).

I meant RStudio and I was talking about the source panel. I was watching a tutorial on youtube and when they opened RStudio the source panel opened up with it.

If there are no open scripts or notebooks then the Console pane will fill the left side. They must have created a script and left it open when they quit. When they restart RStudio the script is still there and the Source pane is visible.

This is what it looked like as soon as they opened it.

And there was an untitled script already open which means the Source pane will be visible.

Just open a new file and you should be able to follow the tutorial:


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