Opening Large RMD Files Causes Major Slowdown for All Processes

Hi Everyone,

First time poster here. I am having an odd issue, and I hope this community can help shed light on possible root causes and things I can do moving forward.

I have a relatively large RMD file, around 10,000kb (Correction: The RMD file is 56kb, but the HTML output is ~10,000kb) for creating release notes. Whenever I open this, or even files half this size, RStudio ceases all backend function. Assignments in the console (ex. x <- 2) do not execute, and functions such as saving or quitting the session are impossible.

I have a workaround that involves closing RStudio from Task Manager, then copying and pasting the "Too Big" RMD file text into a new RMD file. Pasting the same text into a fresh RMD file has no problems knitting, so I think the problem is something interacting with RStudio. What is even more strange is that front end functions like typing, viewing dropdown options and navigating between tabs within the GUI are not affected.

Our hardware support cannot find anything, but their experience with this software is limited, as is mine. I have run RStudio without problems on machines with significantly less power, and Task Manager indicates the software isn't using all that much memory or CPU, so it does not appear to be a hardware issue. Thoughts?