Opening files and projects outside of home directory in Ubuntu

I recently updated to the latest version of RStudio for Ubuntu 22.04. The navigation window for opening files or projects is noticeably different than previous versions. A problem I am having with it is that I can't seem to figure out how to navigate outside of the 'home' directory (/home/user/), which in previous versions wasn't an issue (had access up to "/", I believe). This is a problem for me, since a lot of my projects and Rscripts are saved on external drives or mounted servers, which naturally reside in "/media/user/". How can I fix this?

For what it's worth, I tried creating a shortcut to an external drive in my home folder, but Rstudio seems to get hung-up when I try to use that shortcut link through the 'open file' dialogue.


Try using the full-path name in an appropriate input function, instead of the GUI, such as


Sorry, I think I wasn't clear. This is for opening R scripts, etc (and projects) through Rstudio IDE, not read/writing files etc through R. R within Rstudio can access files anywhere. In the image below, there is no way to go "above" Home.


Sorry to be unclear. I wanted to test whether those objects were available to the GUI R session at all. Try here:


Pressing that button doesn't take it any 'higher' than home. If I manually open a project that is outside of the home directory, then I can access files/projects outside of it as well through that dialogue, but if I am in a project that is within the home directory it can't go outside of it. It might have to do with how I installed Rstudio, but I didn't do anything unusual:
sudo dpkg -i ...

Are you using the server or desktop version? If the former, there is a configuration option for that.

Yeah, I see that Ubuntu differs from Mac, which will display a broader set of choices. If you are on desktop and @andresrcs ' suggestion isn't available, a symbolic link to the target directory outside of home will work if the permissions allow.

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