Open Recent Project in New Session

Many times I have more than one RStudio project open on my desktop. I can do so only be opening them from one of the currently running sessions by File - Open Project in a new Session. The file/project browser starts then from my home directory and I have most to navigate to a total different folder on a share to open the project I want to open in parallel. Could be better.
The other option is File - Recent Projects. This allows to browse my "project name cache" and open one of them. But it is a project switcher, so my current project will be closed and the other one will be opened in the same session. Not what I want

So I open this request for a menu entry File - Open recent project in a new session. That seems optimal for me. Other way to implement a nearly equivalent feature would be a pop up when opening a recent project, asking whether to open it in a new session.

I do not need that too often, because typically I keep my desktop running for more than a day and let the PC sleep while I am off. But the are enough times where the PC has to be restarted and the RStudio does not restore itself to all the sessions I had opened before the last shutdown.

RStudio 1.4 on openSUSE Linux.

Strictly speaking, a feature request should be filed on the GitHub repo, unless you want to get feedback from the community first, in which case posting here is a good way to go.

Hi @gsgmx,

Fistly, have you noticed the drop down menu at the top right corner of RStudio? It opens a menu similar to File - Recent Projects, but only your last 10 projects. Next to each project there is an icon that, when clicked allows you to open a project in a new session.

Secondly, I have an addin that might be of interest.

Most recently used projects addin

It's been a bit of a backburner project for about 4 years :roll_eyes:, but I just updated it to work with RStudio 1.4.

So far I have only tried this version on Windows, but an earlier version did work on Linux.

I assign ctrl + P as a shortcut, and then I find it easier to use than opening the file menu.

Feel free to see if it works.

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