Open Link (command+click) rmarkdown navigation in rstudio - only on Mac?


On my Macbook in the rstudio source editor, I can navigate between Rmd files saved to the filesystem which contain relative links to each other.

Example: If I have a file at /home/user/file1.Rmd and it contains a link I can CMD+click on (file2.Rmd) and it will open /home/user/file2.Rmd in the rstudio source editor.

I have recently purchased a new Ubuntu system, and have installed rstudio. However, the functionality to navigate between Rmd files does not seem to be present. I have looked through all the options and tried searching for information on this topic, without any success.

Can anyone here confirm if this feature is available across all rstudio builds on all system, or if it's Mac-specific? And if it can be enabled on a Linux system, how does one activate this functionalty?

Thanks - any help would be great! I use this to navigate between Rmd files a lot!

Steve West.

OK I immediately solved my issue! Although it doesn't provide a handy hint, the shortcut is SHIFT+Left Click on a link.

I will keep this up here in case someone else wants this functionality in the future!

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