Only main window (Rstudio error)

I've been using Rstudio without problems for long time. Suddenly, today I can see only the main window without unresponsive menus. I've tried to reinstall Rstudio and R, reset Rstudio Desktop and use software rendering, but without success. Main info: Win 7 Pro, Rstudio ver. 1.4.1106, R ver. 4.0.4 (64 bit). Classical R console works well. I've also prepared diagnostic report but I can't see how to attach it as the file to this topic.

EDIT: After a few hours, it works... I still don't know the source of this problem.


I don't really understand what the exact issue is, but one question I have: did you update RStudio recently?

I ask this because you have Windows 7, and technically RStudio only supports Windows 8 and up. So it might be that that's the issue ... What do you mean by the way with "only the main window" ? Could you describe a bit more or share a screenshot.


I updated Rstudio about one week ago and it run without problems. I've tried to install older versions but the problem still has occurred.
"The main window" means the main empty window only (with menus like File etc.) without additional windows: the console, the opened scripts etc. Menu File (and other) can be clicked but nothing has happened.


I'm sorry but I don't really know what you can do in this case... Did you make sure during uninstall to remove any residual installation folders RStudio might have left behind? Sometimes it keeps some data that might interfere with a new install.

I have a feeling this issue might still be related to you having Windows 7 (which is over 10 years old) and a system update (or lack of it) made it crash. You can always update your Windows version from 7 to 10 (it's still free if you Google for steps to take), though that is a big undertaking and I can promise it would fix it.

Maybe someone else has other suggestions...


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