Online/real time dashboard

Hi everybody.
I'm trying to make an online dashboard without everytime the data is updated I have to run the script, knit and publish the dashboard (RPubs).
Is it possible?
Suppose I have a production line and the worker update from time to time an Excel spreadsheet (or text) some information about production.
May I have to use Shiny to improive and put a "refresh button"?
In summary I have to make a pipeline to get the data from production and show on a dashboard.
Some tips will be appreciate.
Thank you.

Have some examples with several packages but it's almost done...


Can you share this code? I'm trying to do the same but i found it impossible. Thanks!

Hi. Unfortunately I'm having some problems for reading the files (my data). Sometimes the R packages only read csv files sometimes just dataframes. I have to solve these issues.
If you need some rush to make dashboards you should use Microsoft Power BI. As fas as I know it's easier to make a realtime dashboard. Take a look this link

There are many ways to implement data pipelines in R, a well structured (and documented) one is using the targets package.

This is similar to using GNU make for data pipelines (which is also an option) but more language specific.

@andresrcs Thank you for information/tips. This is a little bit advanced to me but I will check it out. I'm still learning. In fact I'd like to make something like this available on Plotly but simpler of course for private use. Another example on Minitab
In summary I need a way to get data from production line or department and put on a "live" dashboad with online update through R/RStudio. I've tried with reactiveFileReader and reactivepoll but there are some gaps.
Well thank you again.

If you provide some context about your infrastructure we might be able to give you some advice but if reactivepoll is too slow for your use case you might be after "real-time" updates, for which I haven't been able to find a practical solution in R.

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