Online courses/resources that help you write better Shiny apps

Please share online courses and resources that are not specfic to Shiny but that have been beneficial for you to write better apps.

I will kick off with a recommendation that I received from a friend. Learn to write a good 'readme'.


Besides the excellent material (tutorial, articles, package reference) provided by the good people from Rstudio:

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Haven't used this myself, but there is a Datacamp course that covers Shiny, by Garrett. I recommend it on the basis of other Datacamp courses I've used, which have been excellent.

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I find myself using w3Schools all the time for any questions I have regarding the css I use when trying to style my apps.

I also frequently reference @daattali advanced shiny github repo along with shinyjs as mentioned above.

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Awesome, I'm a frequent visitor to most of the above resources and also highly recommend them.

I would also love to hear more recommendations that are not specifically Shiny resources (ie. w3schools). Possibly resources that come from similar reactive programming tools. Or another recommendation is of course to use git/github.

Do you write Shiny apps for youself, for customers, for your company/boss? Are there tools/resources that help you or a team develop applications?