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Hi, I was just trying to leave feedback for the developers but couldn't find a great place to do so. I would greatly appreciate a list of older versions to be published somewhere that goes farther back than 2022. Even better would be a repository so people could download older everything, not everyone can afford new computers and older versions work perfectly fine for statistics. I understand maintaining something that detailed could get unruly though, just a list of versions would be helpful. I've been using R for a long time and when we try to publish papers, sometimes the data and analysis happened prior to 2022. We need the release numbers for older versions when we are publishing data in journals. I do really appreciate all that the development team does for this software, so thank you. I just wanted to leave this feedback somewhere that would hopefully be seen

Thanks for the feedback @test15. While it's not publicized as well, there is an archive of various versions:


Now, if you go to the oldest page (currently, 383), it gets you back to September 2021. Should you want to go even further back, you could compile it from the RStudio source on GitHub (though, compiling usually takes a more beefy computer).

What level of computer architecture/performance are you targeting?


RStudio Releases has versions going back about 3 years (already mentioned by Randy; we responded at the same time).

Older Versions of RStudio - RStudio has even older versions. These are definitely use at your own risk.

See also RStudio Desktop Releases on Unsupported Versions of MacOS.

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