older version Rstudio (for windows 7)

I would like to Know specific links for installind Rstudio compatible with windows 7.

In this (probably) relative webpage

I cannot find anything easily useful.

I think you will struggle. Windows 7 heyday was in 2012; Rstudio IDE was pre version 1 back then.

Have you considered using posit cloud ?
installing a more modern OS; a linux variant perhaps.?

I was going to say you could probably use the last RStudio version before Win7 went end of life, which according to a quick search was 2020-01-14 and work back from there.

However, following your link it looks like earlier versions are not on that list, so that won't work.

Hence Nir's suggestion is probably best.

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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